Russell's 3-point Day One Dunk

On day one of Russell's presidency, he will accomplish more for the American people than any president has in a long time. His advocacy for "The People" will not waver. The following are his initial three policies.

  1. Federal Cannabis Legalization across the board: Russell will immediately through Executive action, legalize cannabis and its use for those 21 and older on a federal level. For far too long the "war on weed" has led to massive amounts of incarcerations across the United States. Further, this impact has been most felt by poor and minority communities. Russell will bring an end to those negative impacts immediately.
  2. Unequivocally cut prescription drug prices ACROSS THE BOARD: The American people have been financing through their tax dollars the study and development of all pharmaceuticals. Therefor authority is given to the President to cut prescription drug prices across the board. Russell will do so on day One. Russell is NOT owned by big pharma.
  3. Resume Moratorium on Student debt indefinitely: Russell's third and likely NOT final action on day one of his presidency, will be the re-institution of the Student loan debt repayment. This will stay in effect while a thorough investigation is done into predatory practices committed by institutions of higher learning. Once complete those debts found to fall under such categories, will be forgiven in WHOLE.

The following is Russell's Ridiculous List for American Freedom, Independence, and Resilience.

  1. Incentives for bringing manufacturing jobs from ALL sectors back to American shores: The C.H.I.P.S act was quite probably one of Joe Biden's biggest achievements. Russell believes that while this was a good thing, far more could be done to ensure that quality, higher paying manufacturing jobs, are brought back to the United States and further incentives given to those companies who would start and finish such endeavors. For far too long other countries have reaped the benefits of our losses.
  2. Min-Max so pay their ass: Russell believes that the gap between what the CEOs and board members make and what their lowest employee makes SHOULD NOT be as large as it is. Sometimes this reaches in excess of 80x more. By lowering that gap considerably, the argument over raising the minimum wage would fall by the wayside as more dollars would flow naturally to the people who are actually making the product, or producing the results.
  3. CTC: The Caring tax credit will be designed to not only go to families that have children, but ALSO those who suffer from disabilities and are unable to work because of those. Our families and loved ones have suffered far too long with very little support to show for it. Russell believes that the American people are one big and often dysfunctional family and as such should be treated with dignity.
  4. Recognition of FOOD as a human right: The United States is one of a few countries NOT to recognize food as a human right. This does not sit well with Russell and he will make certain that this issue gets addressed. Russell believes that all American citizens should have access to food. The fact that there are food banks to catch those who can't even get the most basic help, is a travesty that Russell will seek to rectify
  5. Advocate for 32 hour work week: Russell is a firm believer in family. One of the greatest investments an individual can make in the family, is time. Time spent with children and family, greatly increases the opportunities for each individuals success. Structure, purpose and fulfillment are key ingredients in the success of the American people as a whole.